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Here at Mobile Screen Repair in Glanrafon we offer a simple one-stop solution for your broken mobile phone screen.

Our expert team offer first-class repairs so if you've smashed your phone screen, worry no more.

We can repair your screen for a fraction of the cost that your phones manufacturer or network will want to charge.


Welcome to Mobile Screen Repairs, Have you smashed your HTC screen? If the answer is 'YES' then we have a killer deal for you.

You may have spent the last hour hunting the web for the best price on a screen repair - you can stop now. We know that we have an offer that's sure to fit your budget.

Because we have invested our time into perfecting our screen repair service, we know that our service will always be a cut-above the competition whilst maintaining our money saving prices. 


Phones We Repair

Sometimes when your phone breaks it's quite easy to ignore since 'our of sight, out of mind' often comes into play. This is fine if you don't use your headphone for example but your phones screen is your phones face.

Our mobile phone screens are second to none, we cover most major brands such as:

  • Apple iPhone screen repairs
  • Nokia Lumia screen repairs
  • HTC screen repairs
  • Samsung Galaxy screen repairs

Why not join thousands of other happy customers and improve your life by getting your phone screen repaired today.

How Is a Screen Replaced

Most modern day phones such as the iPhone have their touch sensitive layer bonded to the LCD display with a special transparent bonding layer. We take great care to make sure we replace these to the highest standard and give your phone that factory fresh look.

Were so sure that we offer the very best mobile phone screen repairs that we'll even back our repairs with a full warranty.

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We think you should be able to see the saving which you can make before you buy, for this reason we'll provide you with a personal quote based on your needs.

To find out how much you can have your phone screen repaired by our highly recommended Glanrafon team all you need to do is fill in the contact form above.

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